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Location: France

Story about the life and funeral of French singer Edith Piaf

MS. Edith Piaf at microphone on stage during a performance of "Je ne regrette rien". VS. Flashback to 1948 when she returned from America with her great love, Marcel Cerdan. They are leaving aircraft. VS. Edith Piaf at a ceremony where she is presented with Grand Prix du Disque. MS. Her wedding group when she married French singer Jacques Pills in New York in 1952 Marlene Dietrich is by her side. VS. At her hectic wedding in 1962, this time she is married to Theo Sarapo in Paris. VS. Edith Piaf singing with French group "Les Compagnons de la Chansons" early in her career. MS. Edith Piaf on stage singing her famous song "Milord" and then the curtains fall.

VS. Crowds queuing to go into her home to pay last homage, women are crying as they leave the home. MS. Flowers being taken in. VS. In dimly lit room the coffin people file past. VS. The coffin at a grave in Pere Lachaise cemetery. MS. Her husband Theo Sarapo looking distressed in crowd. VS. Crowd around grave as last religious rites are performed. VS of crowd and press around the grave. (FG.)

A giant egg festooned in purple feathers descends through the air and pops open to reveal a singer. Hordes of women dance synchronised numbers in fabulous costumes that seem to stop just below the bust. An acrobat does impossible twists on a length of white cotton dangling from the ceiling. The main temple of Angkor Wat rises through the stage and its stone dancers come to life. A mechanical elephant rolls into view. At the finale, those strings of pearls make their strategic appearance, and then the entire cast turns towards a screen at the back, where a film shows Edith Piaf singing "Hymne à l'amour".

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