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by Edo Lubich's Tamburitza Orchestra

At age 6, 'Richie' was taught to play the prima by Joca Radic, one of the family's boarders. The first song he learned to play was "Srbianci i Basanci". At age 7, his father took him to Joe Adich's tavern and sat him on the bar, where he played his first job. If Richie and his Dad weren't at Adich's, they were either at the Serbian Church in Gary or the Serbian Church in East Chicago, Indiana. It was there they met and listened to the Popovich Brothers, Edo Lubich, Vinka, Kapugi Brothers, Djoko and Mel Dokich, plus many other fine tamburasi and singers.

Edo Lubic was born in Donji Vakuf, Yugoslavia, on May 7, 1912, son of Nikola and Klara Lubich. As is generally the case with gifted individuals, in music or any other field, Edo became a tamburas at the tender age of five when his dad acquired a bisernica (made of cardboard and plywood) and so began a musical career which was to span two continents and cover a period of 70 years.

Sarajevka - Kolo by Edo Lubich's Tamburitza Orchestra

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    Steve had the distinct pleasure of backing such notable singers as Edo Lubich, Vinka (Queen of Sevdalinka) Ellisin, Angelina, Milan Panayatovich, Diane (Danica) Chirich, and Ted Popovich. Under the name of Dunav, he also had the pleasure of playing with the finest tamburaši in the country, including Marty Kapugi, Tony Markulin, George 'Whitey' Halaschak, the late Mel Dokich, the late Julius Peskan, and the late Steve Makarewich.

    1st reissue of US, Serbo-Croatian folk music, featuring Dave Zupkovich, Marty Kapugi, Edo Lubic, and others. 26 tracks from 1950's Balkan Records singles, including 4 bonus tracks from Balkan's "Custom Series." Digitally restored.