Edwardian Garden Style at a Glance:

The Edwardian Garden


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“Walled gardens were a common feature of Edwardian gardens, and while they can be very appealing…there could be the most spectacular view beyond the walls, but you wouldn’t know it.” – Myles Baldwin

Edwardian gardens had a sense of mystery about them, of hidden spaces and outdoor rooms. Garden designers delighted in using changes of level to make strong architectural statements and to enhance the sense of journey through the various elements of the garden, using elaborate steps.
A classic feature of Edwardian gardens was to divide the outdoor space into smaller rooms, using hedges.

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  • Federation-House - Edwardian Heritage Gardens

    The Edwardian garden was laid out by the unlikely pairing of the young architect Edwin Lutyens and the spinster garden designer, Gertrude Jekyll. Unlikely but a match made in garden design heaven. Children will enjoy the water elements of their design here, following the rills and hiding in the circular bowers with their round pools.

    “Edwardian gardens were prettier and more feminine than their forerunners, containing many more flowers, which (given that this was the age of the doily), tended towards the delicate and lacy.