The inside of an elder guardian (spikes retracted).

The Guardian

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'El Guardian Invisible' Madrid Photocall

In the 1970s and 1980s, the importance of the guardian ad litem grew in response to increased concern about children's welfare. Two social developments brought about this growth: a rise in cases, and greater recognition of the gravity of and neglect. Because states had generally modeled their civil court processes on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the role of guardian ad litem was well established. But now, states began moving toward stronger legislation of their own. By the 1990s, many states had enacted laws specifying the guardians' qualifications, duties, and authority. Equally important, these laws spelled out requirements for the appointment of guardians ad litem in abuse cases. As a leader in the area, Florida enacted legislation in 1990 providing funding for the training of guardians ad litem (State of Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program Guidelines for Family Law Case Appointment, Fla. Stat. § 61.104). In 1993, after hearing an appeal in a particularly horrifying abuse case, the Supreme Court of West Virginia set forth guidelines for guardians ad litem in its decision (, 190 W. Va. 24, 435 S.E.2d 162 [1993]).

At Salford Royal hospital, it's mHealth foundation is based on "a few well-thought-out and correctly aimed interventions," which CIO Rachel Dunscombe tells The Guardian are more useful than "a scattergun introduction of funky toys."

'El Guardian Invisible' Madrid Photocall

Shelling Guardian
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  • Berserk

Name Prince Seiker (Chung)
Class Shelling Guardian
Weapon Destroyer, Disfrozen-powered Grenades
Age 15
Height 156 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Weight 52 kg (114 lb)
Class Tree Chung > Shelling Guardian > Tactical Trooper
Artists Concept: Takoman
Portrait: Takoman
Release Date 9 February 2012
1 May 2013
8 May 2013
8 May 2013
23 April 2014

'El Guardian Invisible' Madrid Photocall

Actor Carlos Librado (L), actress (C) and director Fernando Gonzalez Molina (R) attend 'El Guardian Invisible' photocall on May 31, 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

Actors Paco Casablanc, Susi Sanchez, Itziar Aizpuru, Patricia Lopez, director Fernando Gonzalez Molina, , , Carlos Librado, Manolo Solo and Paco Tous attend 'El Guardian Invisible' photocall on May 31, 2016 in...