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Thankfully, you won't have to look far for parking at St Elmo Food Market. St Elmo Food Market will satisfy all your grocery needs, from milk and eggs to meat and cheese, so get started on that list.

If you’re looking for Elmo food to serve at your party, look no further! These super-easy Elmo Gelatin cups were a HUGE hit. I made twenty for a party of roughly that many people, half of them children. They were all finished. It’s inexpensive, but a great statement on your sweet table.

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Fuel the fun! The word on the street is that Elmo's favorite food is pizza! But he also loves other yummy things, like these Elmo party food ideas that are kid-friendly and easy to make.
Make a menu of healthy all-the-time Elmo foods! Create fun fruit faces

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M got very excited when he first saw me preparing the cups. Not only is he obsessed with Elmo, but he also loves cups. So, I allowed him to play with one. Lesson learned: the paint is NOT durable. Meaning, it’s fine for use as an Elmo food for your party, but it won’t last past that. These gelatin cups are disposable, so it worked out great, but don’t try this DIY on anything you’ll want for afterward.

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