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My friends make fun of the guy I'm dating because he's overweight. They don't care that he respects me or that we have endless things in common. Time for new friends.

Take advantage of the endless things to do in Waikiki, a world-famous neighborhood for locals and visitors alike. From shopping, dining, entertainment and activities on Kalakaua Avenue to white sandy beaches and gentle waters at Waikiki Beach, there are so many attractions to explore just moments from the hotel. For more information about the area visit our Activities desk, located in the hotel lobby.

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    Perhaps we know both an earthly “endless” and a heavenly one. On earth, the endless things involve the fight against decay, in which our best efforts have the result of keeping us on top of the treadmill. We rarely progress and often repeat. The heavenly endless, on the other hand, answers the cry of eternity in our hearts by promising the continuation of things blessed, forever. When we groan that our work is endless, we are speaking of the things of earth; when we wish for endless beauty, we are longing after heaven.

    Perhaps, after all, the particular endless thing does not rattle us so much as endlessness itself. We fear an endless Heaven and we balk at endless duties—even those we love.