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Essential History Expeditions develops, coordinates and conducts vibrant and memorable historical and cultural expeditions to worldwide locations to educate and inspire guests.

Essential History Expeditions tours take you to iconic and historical destinations worldwide where you will experience not only the culture of the location but will understand the history and events that have shaped it. Each of these fast-paced, immersive, all-inclusive tours are led by an expert historian and travel planner husband-and-wife team, ensuring a personalized, rewarding and enriching vacation.

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    Every Essential History Expeditions tour focuses on learning and growth. Following each expedition, guests will be informed, enlightened and challenged. They will experience an essential moment in time they can relate to the context of what came before, what transpired around it and what resulted after. All guests of Essential History Expeditions will have a hands-on encounter with seminal events and influential people. Guests will leave with many questions answered while other crucial issues will spark continued reflection and a thirst for understanding the events that shape our humanity.

    The Essential History of Christianity by the Rev. Dr. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes is an engaging and informative book, ideally suited for Christians (and others) who want to understand more about the history of the religion. It covers two thousand years in concisely-written and easily-digestible chapters, honing in on what is important in any period. Institutions, politics, personalities, changes in theology, shifts in social order, are highlighted when necessary, and the result is a thoroughly readable book.