Ethnologue-Linguistic Map of Greece

Ethnologue: Languages of the Americas and the Pacific, Eighteenth edition


The comparison and contrast are made by the Bureau of ethnology.

"It is difficult to provide an accurate count," says Ethnologue editor Paul Lewis. "But we are at a tipping point. From here on we are going to increasingly see the number of languages going down."

According to Ethnologue, a US organisation owned by Christian group SIL International that compiles a global database of languages, 473 languages are currently classified as endangered.

== L'ethnologie dans les sciences humaines ==

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    Ethnologue editor Paul Lewis, however, argues that the stakes are much higher. Because of the close links between language and identity, if people begin to think of their language as useless, they see their identity as such as well.

    Ce qui rend exceptionnel le personnage de Germaine Tillion est la manière dont elle a su réunir action et travail de connaissance. Ethnologue dans le Sud algérien ...