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5 Minute Bedtime Stories for Children Vol.2 (Classic Fairy Tales & Bedtime Stories Collections for kids ages 6-12)

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Best Fairytales for Kids. Weird picture for what the link is, but this is a genuinely good list of picture books with traditional fairy tales. Start from this list when checking out books from the library and deciding what to buy for home.

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The Story of Jack and The Beanstalk - Fairy Tales for Kids

With the new generation of young ones, comes a new generation of fairy tales for kids. In the same way that classical fairy tales have been passed on by their parents, it is their time to learn and read and remember fairy tales from their childhood which they will pass on to their future kids. Purchase your new fairy tales for kids and start developing their reading and creativity skills.

Fairytales definitely aren’t just for kids. I think lots of adults (myself included) really enjoy them. I took a psychology class once where we contrasted fairytales from other cultures that were meant for children and ones meant for adults. I think it is a relatively Western idea that fairytales are for kids.