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Fathers and Sons


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An interestingly unusual suggestion for ‘Fathers and Sons’. Said parties in my house just gave me a ‘don’t even go there’ look before I even uttered a word! Shame really, because I think its all very charming!

Conceived by Norman Russell, “Fathers and Sons’ grew out of a desire to keep war experiences alive and real. The title of the documentary is borrowed from Russell’s poem to his father, who committed suicide three years after he returned from World War II. The documentary features the stories of six combat veterans, two from World War II and four from Vietnam, as they share their experiences of w

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June 16, in many countries around the world celebrated Father’s Day. We chose the 20 moving pictures that tell about the relationship between fathers and sons.

Our modern mythmakers are busy tackling the relationships between fathers and sons to find connections between pre-patriarchal and post-patriarchal consciousness, between the old of the too-powerful father and the new longing for a father to love and teach and anoint us.