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FAV - Foundation for American Veterans

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FAV - What does FAV stand for? The Free Dictionary

The FAV is a vehicle featured in , used by the . It appears only on at the Russian Base, the Construction Site under RU control, and by the Wrecked Train under RU control. It can also be found scattered about the map by the hotel behind the Gas Station control point and by the river behind the Wrecked train.

The FAV is a vehicle featured in , operated by the Middle Eastern Coalition but also replacing the as the Chinese light utility vehicle. It is armed with a KORD HMG or Type 85 HMG (depending on the team) for the gunner and a for the passenger, making it much more formidable against infantry than in .

FAV stands for "forever a virgin"

Vehicle armor 400
Passenger weapon KORD
Passenger weapon damage *Close range 23-23
  • Medium range 20-20
  • Long range 17-17
Passenger weapon reload time 3 seconds
Passenger weapon rate of fire 450 rpm
Passenger weapon firemode Fully automatic
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload 50 rounds
Second passenger weapon Passenger's Kit
Vehicle speed Very fast
Vehicle maneuverability Medium-high
Camouflage(s) Desert
Operators Russian Army

Fav | Definition of Fav by Merriam-Webster

Unlike in previous titles. the passenger seat player is allowed to use their weapons. This can potentially make the FAV a hit-and run anti-tank vehicle if an Engineer passenger uses their to lock on to a vehicle and then fire their RPG at it. This could also work well for a -laying vehicle to pester enemy armor, as the passenger could drop mines about as the driver goes around the map.

The vehicle is mostly used as a fast land transport to get around larger maps as it is susceptible to damage from small arms fire. Heavy weapons can easily make short work of an FAV, and drivers should keep away from heavy armor.