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The process for Sean was exactly the same as the process for every fearless golfer who comes through an academy, and the same lessons you can learn from watching the DVD. Specifically, great golf isn’t only about what you “know”; it is also about what you can forget (and ignore). Too much information clutters the mind and inhibits freedom. For Sean, that meant learning how to “let go” both mentally and physically.

Here at Fearless Golf we believe in two things: be Free and be Fearless. If you get good at those two things, then you will be able to play your best golf. The nice thing is that our research over the past decade shows HOW to be free and fearless. That’s why we get so many wins with our players!

Fearless Golf: Conquering the Mental Game: Dr

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    -Last year Arjun Atwal went from 750th in the world to winning on the PGA Tour, and playing in all the Majors after 4 months of Fearless Golf.

    I spent the day yesterday with Camilo who was getting a lesson from short game guru James Sieckman. In watching the lesson, I began to think about the difference between technical instruction and mental game instruction. Part of the reason that the golf swing has become all the rage in golf is because it is tangible and observable, while the mental game often resides out of sight in the shadowy realm of the mind. With that said, I received an email from a client who successfully made it through second stage of Q-school this past week. The message he sent provides a bridge of sorts so that Fearless Golf Members can see how great thinking actually plays out in competitive golf here at the higher levels of the game. Here is his message: