What is self feminization hypnosis?

Feminization Hypnosis as Therapy

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Feminization Hypnosis Gone Wrong

– Create ‘environments’ and installations that work on feminization hypnosis principles and motifs, including deployments in architectural work.

– Critique the anthropological/ethnographic elements to trans studies. By looking at the deployment of the Berdache, 2-spirit identities (etc) by white &/or western trans academics/activists, and also the libertarian uses of trans as a destabilizaing or deterritorializing space or force. These currents can be found to echo throughout the Feminization Hypnosis materials in subtle yet nefarious ways.

feminization hypnosis - art by shono

Erotic Hypnosis
Hypnosis Mistress
Panty Boy Hypnosis
Satin Hypnosis | Satin Mistress
Forced Feminization Hypnosis
Slave Hypnosis
Erotic Hypnosis Recordings
Feminization Hypnosis
Chastity Hypnosis
Freeze Hypnosis
Sissy Maid Hypnosis
Shemale Sessions
Self Hypnosis
Financial Domination
Session Tribute/Gift
Mistress Photographs
Mistress's Fetish Videos
Sex Phone Hypnosis
Used Stockings

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– Delineate the trans mind-body relationships most commonly found in the Feminization Hypnosis genre, compare and contrast these with the medical/psychological establishment, and with theories of performativity, dis/identifications etc.

As of May 2008, the Fauxist International has initiated a number of investigation and projects around Feminization Hypnosis, as it lies within a number of our areas of interest, namely: Speculative literature, anti-science, trans-motifs, invocational literature/performance, abjection and pathologized identities, and suggests numerous possibilities for deployment in a didactic mode in productions and performance. By unpacking and experimenting with the existing products, and producing our own, we have managed to expand the field and it’s implicit political-cultural baggage.