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This website informs about both famous fictional detectives and famous real detectives. Famous detectives in fiction can be classified into the following categories

Whether your preference is debonair and dashing, deceptively demure or downright dastardly, there is a fictional detective to fit the bill. If the genre is anywhere near as much fun to write as it is to read, it’s small wonder we’ve so many to choose from.

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    Poirot is far from alone. There are numerous fan clubs, both physical and electronic, dedicated to fictional detectives (fic-dicks?). Whether police detectives, private eyes, or amateur snoops, readers eat them up. The same Peter Wimsey whom Dame Agatha was so rough with above has countless fans all over the globe, and stacks of copycat fan fiction written about him by admirers.

    We all love Sherlock Holmes, but maybe by now we’ve loved him enough. There are many great detectives out there. If you’re looking for an eerily intelligent fictional detective who isn’t propping up a deerstalker hat, check out a list of the other best sleuths the world has to offer.