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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix


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Rowling wrote Fantastic Beasts between the publication of the fourth and fifth Harry Potter books, setting it 70 years before the events of the series. It’s a fictional textbook, written by Redmayne’s character, used in first-year Hogwarts courses.

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It seems that the world can't get enough of Harry Potter. Helen Hu talks to Jean Dong about both the premiere of the fifth Harry Potter film 'The Order of the Phoenix', and the release of the final Harry Potter book.

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    Chestnut Hill College will host its Fifth Annual Harry Potter Conference in October 2016. The Harry Potter Conference is an annual, interdisciplinary academic conference held at Chestnut Hill College that provides a forum for scholarly presentations arising out of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

    The fifth Harry Potter film carries on the grand tradition of the first four adaptations of J. K. Rowling's novels - and it may be the best of the bunch (we keep saying that with every new Potter, which bodes well for those yet to come).