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Surprisingly, once users click, they’re presented with a rogue Free Media Player page, instead of of a Adobe Flash Player HD themed page. Users who fall victim to the social engineering scam will end up installing multiple potentially unwanted applications.

Is there is something called Flash Player HD? I was reading some news stories on MSN and got a message that I needed to download Flash Player HD to get the best results from this site. It looked like an Adobe download, but I wasn't sure. Anyone else seen this and is it Adobe. I didn't see it on their web-site.

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If you cant get it here don't get it( from a third party)-I left a longer comment on "Flashplayer HD-do you need it " here-as you may pick up maleware,adware etc from malicious sites-also unchecking the boxes in a manual install i still got all the unwanted programs-which really tipped me off to remove it before restarting my computer. never again downloading except here. If you have no antivirus take my word on it. If it's here (especially with the http;// prefex which confirms a secure trustable site) get it here.

Our sensors just picked up a rogue advertisement served through the Yieldmanager ad network, which exposes users to fake Adobe Flash Player HD ads, ultimately dropping a copy of the potentially unwanted application (PUA)/adware, known as Somoto Better Installer.