See for steps to troubleshoot the Flash plugin.

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I was wondering how to get the Adobe Flash Player Plugin?

I have a new MacBook Pro and I followed these instructions, downlonading and installing the new Flash plugin. But when I looked in "/Library/ there was no folder called "Disabled Plugins".

Of course this still works now in Safari, the date does not matter, the software feature is the same. You can enable or disable the Flash plugin specifically this way.

10 ActiveX and Adobe Flash Player Plugin?

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  • is for the Adobe Flash Player Plugin?

    is a Flash plugin created by to help speed up and simplify symbol animation within Flash. Symbol animation in Flash is great, but it can be slow and time consuming. That's where Cloudkid stepped up and decided to fix this problem. Keyframe Caddy is a free plugin that streamlines a lot of that process, and works wonders for lip sync.

    But NPAPI is very old. In 2013, Google their intention to remove NPAPI support from Chrome because “NPAPI’s 90s-era architecture has become a leading cause of hangs, crashes, security incidents, and code complexity.” They’ve replaced NPAPI with Pepper, also known as PPAPI. Adobe signed on, and the Flash Plugin distributed with Chrome — on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X — uses Pepper instead of NPAPI.