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Flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival


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United Flight 232 had second-engine failure and no working hydraulic system to steer the plane. The pilot tried to burn off enough fuel before coming into the Sioux City airport for an emergency landing.

Saturday will mark 25 years since the crash of United flight 232. The flight took off from Denver, bound for Chicago, but the plane crashed during an emergency landing at the airport in Sioux City on July 19, 1989.

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  • Jan Brown Lohr – United 232's Senior Flight Attendant. She was forced by regulation to ask parents with "lap children" aboard flight 232 to place their children on the cabin floor during the flight's final moments before impact. One of four children died from smoke inhalation. The dead child's mother confronted Lohr at the crash scene. Since then, Lohr has lobbied in Washington D.C. for new federal regulations requiring all children to have a seat belt on every flight.[22]
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    The crowd also heard from first responders, who faced communication challenges after the crash because of the multiple jurisdictions and three states involved in the response: Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Since then, they created a joint emergency operations center, which has become a model for other areas in the country. All of it came about as part of the legacy of flight 232.

    Capt. Haynes believes so strongly in learning from what happened, that in the 25 years since the crash, he's given more than 1,700 presentations about flight 232. He has donated all of his speaking fees to a scholarship fund.