Food over Supplements: A How-to Guide

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Since you won't have your 20-piece knife set, your colander, waffle iron and all your other kitchen luxuries, you'll need to know what cooking equipment to buy and bring for your camping trip. To go along with your new equipment, you'll need to learn the proper campfire cooking techniques that can help you prepare a variety of foods over a fire.

A common reason for choosing calorie-dense processed food over fresh fruits and vegetables is cost. Fast food “value” meals are advertised as being a great bang for your buck, with a sandwich, salty fries and a sugary soda all for one low price.

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    All dried food deteriorates over a period of time, but storing it ina cool, dry, dark place will help to preserve the color and flavor. Kitchencupboards or a pantry are good places if they don't get too hot. A dry basementor a closet on the north side of the house is also suitable. You may storedried food in the refrigerator or freezer if you have the space. Once apackage of dried food is opened, it should be resealed tightly and if possiblestored in the refrigerator to prevent contamination and mold growth. Properlydried and stored, vegetables and jerky will keep about 6 months, fruitsand herbs about a year.

    Eating junk food regularly is linked to obesity and chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, but many people still choose junk food sources over their healthy, nutritious whole food counterparts. Junk food is typically cheap, processed and prepackaged, making it easily available, but there are several psychological motivators that predispose people to choosing it as a meal or snack.