Bredesen commutes death sentence of Bartlett's Gaile Owens

Feb. 22 -- Gaile Owens and Sidney Porterfield are arrested and later indicted.

The Hot & Cold Summer

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The man Gaile Owens hired to kill her husband has died on death row of natural causes.

Hurray for Ali Baba Bernstein

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Both Porterfield and Gaile Owens were convicted and given the death sentence.

The Up & Down Spring

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Vinegar Pancakes and Vanishing Cream


Gail Owens is a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina.

AUDREY GAIL OWENS [#154130], 61, of Upland was placed on interim suspension May 28, 2014, following a conviction for five felony counts of theft of government property. She was ordered to comply with rule 9.20 of the California Rules of Court.

Owens was convicted in 1986 of hiring a man to kill her husband, Ron Owens. Though the details never came out in her trial, she later said that she suffered years of emotional, physical and sexual abuse at his hands. She said that abuse and his constant cheating was what prompted her in 1984 to troll the streets of Memphis, offering $5,000 to $10,000 to anyone willing to kill her husband. Sidney Porterfield, now 68, took the job and killed him on Feb. 17, 1985, with 21 blows from a tire iron. Gaile Owens and her children arrived that night to find Ron Owens bleeding and dying on their living room floor.

Gail Owens is a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina.

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Discover Gail Owens's address history, phone, age & more.

She is survived by her husband of 28 years, Robert K. Miller of the home; Mother, Mary E. Ringley Owens of Mount Carmel, TN; two brothers, Burl Owens and James Owens of Mount Carmel, TN; three nieces, Melinda Gail Owens Waddill of Johnson City; Teresa Owens Patton and husband Jeff of Knoxville, TN; Myria Slonaker and family of Charleston, WV; two nephews, Guy Cummings and family of Virginia Beach, VA; Michael Lynn Owens and wife Linda of Virginia Beach, VA; great-niece, Ashley Dickenson Swidnicki and husband Tom of Chicago, IL; great-nephews; Justin Michael Dickenson of Johnson City, TN and Nicholas Elliott Waddill of Johnson City, TN

Channel 5 News featured a story last night about the status of Gaile Owens' case and the increasing number people who support the commutation of her sentence. Owens, who is facing execution for the 1985 murder of her husband, was convicted and sentenced to death though the jury never heard testimony about the abuse she suffered or that she was willing to plead guilty for a life sentence. Because her attorneys believed that she would plead guilty, they spent only 2 hours preparing for her trial.