1957 Interview of Gerald Gardner by Daniel Farson.

The Gardnerian Book of Shadows (Forgotten Books)


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The Book of Shadows has been present in Wicca tradition since the inception of Gardnerian Wicca, with Gerald Gardner having multiple Books of Shadows throughout his lifetime.

The idea that Witchcraft was the remains of one of the oldest religions of Western Europe was not a view unique to Gerald Gardner alone. It was part of a new theory of religious study which identified religion as evolving from a primitive past to modernity and an often hoped for secularism. Such early proponents of the evolutionary theory of religion were Max Mueller, Lucien Levy-Bruhl, Sir James Frazer, Herbert Spencer, E. B. Tylor to name a few and there were many others with similar theories. Gardner’s thoughts were clearly working within the theoretical models of his time.

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Famous Witches - Gerald Gardner (1884 - 1964)

Gerald Gardner, wizard. Still from Out Of Step: Witchcraft

The cover of the pamphlet is drawn by Gerald Gardner. The original is a large pen and ink poster on hard board archived in the James’ Toronto Collection of Gardner’s papers, purchased from the Ripley Museum sale in 1987. Postcards were also made of this image and sold in the gift shop along with various other trinkets for the tourists.

The memorial to Margaret Ine Quane was painted and designed by Gerald Gardner in the museum. There was also a makeshift plaque for many years that rested on the Candlestick in Castletown, outside the George Pub. It memorialized the passing of Margaret Ine Quane and though it disappeared in the 1980s, it has again resurfaced. Knowing Isle of Mann sentiments towards witches and magic I doubt it will remain there for long.