GERALDINE HUGHES, "REDEMPTION" AUTHOR: That is absolutely correct.

Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations


Geraldine Hughes at the Regis Philbin's party for Steve Tyrell.

Geraldine Hughes: Well, I was wondering if I'd actually have to say, "Screw you, creepo!" Which I didn't. I went back and watched the first one over and over because when I read the script, I felt that it had the same sensibility. Certainly, when I saw it, I realize that's exactly what he did, homaged the first one on so many levels. The first one is my favorite, that's the one that's always played in my house. Although the Mr. T one, that's a pretty good one, too.

Geraldine Hughes: There was never a moment when I thought I would be replacing Adrian. That was never a notion and I don't think that that happens really, because she's still very much a powerful character in this film. The relationship between Marie and Rocky is dealt with in such a delicate way. They're two people who are lonely and who found each other, and are great company for each other. I hope that people who are great fans of Adrian, which there are many, will still go and see it and realize that she is still very much a part of this legacy. He honors her so beautifully, especially at the end, I think.

Geraldine Hughes at the premiere of "Rocky Balboa."

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Geraldine Hughes at the premiere of "Rocky Balboa."

Geraldine Hughes: As an actor, it was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do because it was 10 days at the Mandalay Bay. The first day when the boxing stuff started, they started to fight, and right away really fighting; Sly was taking real hits. He's an actor, not a boxer and I was like, "What is going on?" I couldn't watch it. It was really scary to me. So I wish the camera had been on me then and gotten all of the action shots. It was great, over 2000 people showed up each day to come and watch and be extras in the film.

Geraldine Hughes: I can relate to Marie. I come from West Belfast, a working class family, and can really sort of identify with someone being in a tough place, not feeling too great about themselves. That was easy enough to access unfortunately.