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As a writer Kelly Link is possessed of many magical powers, but to me what's most notable about her new collection, Get in Trouble, is its astonishing freedom. It's one thing to put demon lovers and ghost boyfriends and spaceships in your stories, but it's something else to allow yourself to explore broad and unusual territory without worrying whether the reader will follow you closely. Link's fiction may be strange, but so, it seems, are all of us, each with our own highly particular inner lives. Her confidence and storytelling chops give her the freedom to enter these places and record what she sees there.

So what kinds of comments or posts should you be wary of making online? Here are some common hazards that get professionals into trouble (read about the specific Articles mentioned below at ):

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Get in Trouble is a collection of nine short stories by American author, Kelly Link. Each of the stories has been previously published in other publications from as early as 2006. The stories are varied in both format and subject matter, although each one seems to feature some element of alternate reality and have a highly original plot with a twist or two to keep it interesting. There are Summer Visitors of quite a different kind, internet gaming worlds, an internet date that goes wrong in an unpredictable manner, an unusual theme park, a pair of nervous expectant gay fathers, bizarre teen toys, weird pocket universes and an attempted suicide with a potato peeler. In these very different stories, Link manages to somehow logically combine: butter sculptures, dentists and superheroes; a surrogate mother, a gay couple, a bunch of left-over wedding dresses and a premmy baby; space ships, haunted houses and ghost stories; a jealous teenager, an antique locket and a ghost toy; pyramids, an asp and a pair of spoiled rich siblings; double shadows, twins, mermaids, iguanas and a hurricane; a Land of Oz theme park, superpowers and a childhood friend; a demon lover, an actress and a ghost.  There is plenty of dark humour in these tales; they are imaginative, sexy, often fantastic and great fun to read. Fans of Kelly Link’s work will not be disappointed with this latest collection.

What should I know to avoid getting in trouble with email?

"For heaven's sake, I don't want anyone to be reluctant in coming forward with information whether they think it's significant or not and then be concerned because they shared that information, they could get in trouble," Montgomery said.

The upshot? Censor yourself. Be careful who you’re friending. Consider separate privacy settings for work and personal friends. Know that if your boss is your Facebook friend, she has an obligation to report you if you say something online that bucks company policy. And remember, even if it doesn’t get you into trouble in your current job, do you really want a potential employer to find anything incriminating if they check you out online?