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Why would Oncor be giving away trees? Oncor, after all, is the company that owns and maintains the power lines that bring electricity to about 3 million Texas customers. And as company spokesman Kris Spears noted today: “We know that trees and power lines don’t mix.”

Oncor announced this week that it’s giving trees away for the fifth straight year. More than 40,000 trees have been planted across Oncor’s service area. This year, the program has about 6,500 trees to distribute. Your choices are Bur Oak, Texas Redbud, Pecan, Mexican White Oak and Cedar Elm. All native flora.

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2,200 gifts were given to recipients from tags placed on 23 Giving Trees located all around Stark County, including those at Belden Village Mall and the North Canton YMCA. Recipients were from many agencies, nursing homes, day care centers and head start programs, as well as mentally and physically challenged children and adults. It takes many hands to complete this program, so we’d like to thank: all who took a tag and purchased gifts; The Repository for printing the tags; Books-A-Million for providing books for the children; Steve Coon (via Joe Albert) for letting us use Ace’s Men’s Wear for the gift distribution; the Canton City Police Department for facilitating our pickup/deliveries; our volunteers and drivers; and McDonald’s, Walmart and many friends for donating food to feed our volunteers.

This Christmas season, in partnership with , Calvary Church is “Extending Christmas” to 1500 children at risk. On Sunday, December 2nd, our Giving Trees on the stage were decorated with more than 900 gift tags. Each tag represented one child to whom we could extend Jesus’ love through the giving of a simple Christmas gift. By the end of the morning, all 900 tags had been taken and people were asking for more! What an overwhelming response!