Thanks for sharing! I’m debating going to culinary school.

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Going to Culinary School


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Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans has its students going to culinary school, reports . What do the culinary arts have to do with medicine? When you think about it, a whole lot.

The restaurant industry is much tougher than people are willing to realize, and a significant number of people waste their time by going to culinary school, simply because they never pursue a culinary career afterwards. So, even if the CIA curriculum was free, the opportunity cost of not working (or only working part-time) for two years is worth considering as well.

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    Great article! I’m aware of the student debt involved with going to culinary school, which is why I’m looking into a community college program that costs only about $9k to “learn the basics” as you put it and come out seasoned enough to work efficiently in a kitchen. I’m also an aspiring food writer, and the culinary experience will allow me to look more deeply into the food world and speak with authority (also some publications require you to attend culinary school in order to write for them at all). Thanks for confirming that the $60,000 loan required to attend the CIA in New York is NOT worth it. Good luck in your great love of cooking, I’m happy you re-entered the kitchen. Thanks for posting!


    is a chore for some people, and for others, it's a way to unwind for a couple of hours, especially if you've been sitting all day with little physical activity to break the monotony. Chances are, if you're thinking about going to culinary school, you're part of the latter group. You can't stop daydreaming about idyllic farmers' markets while stuck in your cubicle and gets you excited. Really excited. That's great. (Photo courtesy of )

    It's also key to research the faculty before going to culinary school. Just as not every chef is going to be a good mentor, not every culinary school instructor is going to be an engaged (or engaging) teacher. Corbett sees it as even more dire, saying, ". Most culinary schools are staffed by people who are done with the restaurant industry." Culinary school tuition is a lot of money to spend on learning from someone who isn't passionate about food and doesn't pay attention to what is happening in restaurants today. It's up to the schools to make sure they are hiring the right faculty, and it's also up to culinary school applicants to make sure they are seeking out the right teachers.