Mark Oman, President Golfaholics Anonymous

How to Live With a Golfaholic: A Survival Guide for Family and Friends of Passionate Players (Golfaholics Anonymous)


1987, Golfaholics Anonymous Trade paperback, Very Good $1.99 $6.95

I hold her responsible for continuing to feed my addiction. She lets me play golf three times a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. When she wants to be especially difficult, she will insist that I play on Saturdays as well. Where is her sense of decency? Tess even lets me travel to distant places just so I can get my fix. Scotland, Myrtle Beach, Doral, Orlando, PInehurst, Arcadia Bluffs just to name a few. She does not stop there. She hosts a yearly golf event, the Bony Manzano Memorial, where fellow golf junkies like myself get together to remember her father, himself a dropout of Golfaholics Anonymous. She brings goodie bags complete with paraphernalia – golf tees, sleeve of balls, hand warmers and granola bars. We get high and when the buzz wears off, we head back to our house where we feast and get another fix – the annual chipping contest. $ 0.25 to play. Closest to the pin wins it all. This, in addition to 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize monies. Does it get any better than this?

Thirdly, to the TGA golfer, golf is an addiction. The more you play, the more you get hooked. People who try to play golf but have never hit a shot where the ball flies effortlessly from the sweet spot are more likely to quit. But a terrible golfer, perhaps even a duffer, who happens to hit that one pure shot will often find himself trying desperately to reproduce that swing, over and over and over again. He’s done it before, he is sure he can do it again. And when he finally succeeds, wow, head rush. As Larry our TC said, golf can be better than that three letter word. Again, don’t blame yourselves. Golf is a disease. You people need an intervention. Or join Golfaholics anonymous. But don’t get too optimistic. This disease is incurable.

Golfaholics Anonymous is content to leave the golfer to his game.

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Item Description: Golfaholics Anonymous

Mark Oman offers an abundance of insights and truths to help individuals connect with the golfer inside who wants to come out and play. He is a featured business and golf columnist for and is the founder of Golfaholics Anonymous®, a company which celebrates golf as one of life's healthiest habits. Mark Oman has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows including CNN News, ABC Talk Radio, USA Network, KCBS, CBC Network, Business Radio Network, and .

He's the founder of Golfaholics Anonymous, which is sponsoring a contest to find the Golfaholic of the Year. Send your nominations to Box 222357, Carmel, Calif. 93922, but if you're looking to get your golfer off the course, don't bother. Unlike Alcoholics Anonymous, which seeks to help the alcoholic give up alcohol, Golfaholics Anonymous is content to leave the golfer to his game. ''Our motto is, 'We offer no cure, seek no forgiveness and preach no reform,' '' says Oman, a 43-year-old writer who formed the group ''to recognize and pay tribute to'' those who compulsively test themselves in ''the maddening, humiliating game of golf.''