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The CW/GS Rally: The Greatest RV Rally in North America.

One of the big advantages of choosing a Good Sam campground is that you can be reasonably confident that you know what you'll be getting yourself into simply by virtue of the affiliation.

Our Good Sam campground is a short drive from the main highway. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service. Come see for yourself! If you're looking for a campgroundthat offers more than just a place to set up your tent or RV, look no further!

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The Good Sam campground directory lists every campground in their network and has them rated each year by specially trained and approved experienced RV campers. Now wouldn't that be a fine job to have?!

Let me start by saying that I'm a huge fan of discounts! Because of that, I've long known that joining the just makes good sense (and good cents!).

The cost of membership is recouped very quickly by the savings you get when staying at one of the nearly 2000 Good Sam campgrounds across the US and Canada.

Even one stay will more than pay for your annual membership, so that's one of the reasons I prefer the Good Sam RV parks - discounts, discounts, discounts!

Of course, there is no point in saving money if the accommodations are lousy. I have definitely had THAT experience, and it isn't pleasant at all.

No worries there! Every one of the Good Sam campgrounds available around the country are each evaluated and rated every year.

Club members can have the quiet confidence of knowing that the standards of their proposed destination are high if the park, resort, or campground is listed and rated in the Good Sam RV directory.