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The Wars of the Goths and the Franks: A Short History of Germany in the Dark Ages

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Celts, Franks, Goths, Vikings or Byzanites

In 509 catastrophe struck the Visigothic kingdom in southern France (which is known as the Kingdom of Toulouse). The , who had taken over northern France, tried to break through to the Mediterranean under their young king . One reason that the Visigoths and the Franks did not get along was that the Visigoths were Christians while the Franks were Catholics.

The Goths and Franks were not Celtic peoples. They were Germanic peoples. The Romans conquered the Celtic peoples, and were eventually conquered themselves by these Germanic peoples.

Kingdoms of the Germanic Tribes - Goths / Ostrogoths

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As king, Theodoric tried to reconcile his Ostrogoths with the Italians and initiated civic works that improved living conditions and fostered agricultural growth. Though he showed great appreciation for Roman culture, he gradually distanced Italy from imperial connections and attempted to unite his subjects with Visigoths and Franks.

The faction list of the new Total War: Attila continues to expand, as it has been revealed that the Ostrogoths and the Franks will also be part of the game, with each choice designed to give players an interesting set of strategic options and an experience that’s different from the classic one linked to either the Romans or the Huns.