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The Norfolk Southern Steam Collection is the best of the material we shot during 1987-1989 which was the pinnacle of the NS Steam program in our estimation. We see Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 611, and N&W 2-6-6-4 in all three videos, including on N&W rails only in Volume 1, Nickel Plate 587 and 611, plus tripleheader with 587 in Volume 2, and Several different one-way freight runs with different engines in NS Steam Freights. Its all pretty much history now, although L&N 152, and NKP 587 will likely run for awhile. Copyright Greg Scholl Video Productions.

These films were shot between 1954 and the end of steam on the Norfolk and Western. Most of the films were shot on the Cincinnati to Portsmouth line, the western end of the Norfolk & Western Railway. Steam freight operations ended in 1956, but Mr. Scholl would contine to seek out steam in places like Portsmouth after 1956, and even went into the depths of West Virginia to places like Ieager, and Williamson to see steam in the final days of operation. Most of the film centers around the Batavia area, since this was where we lived and saw steam on a routine basis. There are time freights, and coal trains, plus locals switching sidings. There is even one scene where a freight car is being poled in Batavia Siding, an operation now forbidden on all railroads. You will also be treated to a segment featuring nearly 50 black and White images that were enlarged just for this show. These were images made by Warren Scholl of N&W steam, and includes images of the very last runs from Claire to Portsmouth in 1956, documenting an end of an era. There is music and narration, but no fake train sounds, since none existed obviously when these color movies were made. We have included tons of interesting information about the locomotives, the operations, and locations that are shown, and appropriate background music is used to add to the enjoyment. This is the second in the Warren Scholl film series(Riding the Narrow Gauge in the 1950's was the first), and we know you will enjoy seeing our home town views of steam as it was on the Norfolk and Western. This part of the N&W was seldom filmed, as most easterners went to Blue Ridge, and other more popular locations. The DVD also features some comparison shots, showing shots from the old film, and a contemporary diesel shot at the same location. Today, the Peavine as it is called, is severed, and only sees a local train that operates about half of the line, a far cry from the multitude of trains in the mid-1950's. Since we are so close to this project, we know every scene shown except for one location, which aids in the final project. As a special note...I would like to add a special thanks to Gary Rolih, for his assistance with N&W background info, and for his work on the still photos. - Greg Scholl Video Productions

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    In 1994 the Norfolk Southern steam program was terminated and Class J, 4-8-4 # 611 may never operate again. However, our video will document some of the last runs of this magnificent steam locomotive as it steams through southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky between 1992 and 1994. You'll 611 work hard on the steep grades such as Erlanger Hill just south of Cincinnati in northern Kentucky, plus the steep grades at Batavia, Peebles and Seaman on the Cincinnati to Portsmouth line. We'll see many different excursion trains, plus some one-way moves that includes a short freight train pulled by 611. There are also scenes of 611 being turned on the Portsmouth wye, for the last time, and pacing shots along side 611 on the Portsmouth to Columbus line. We videotaped steam in these areas many times so you can be sure we captured the best locations to show 611 working hard and providing a good show. There is also a special guest visitor on the tape that we will leave as a surprise to those who purchase this tape. The jacket art shows 611 going away as it approaches the Southern Bridge in Cincinnati by Cincinnati artist John Maggard. Great steam action throughout this collectors edition will provide a lifetime of pleasure and "Memories of Norfolk and Western 611". Greg Scholl Video Productions

    Travel to the British Columbia Railway in Western Canada to enjoy a great mix of scenery and railroading. BC Rail freight trains traverse this rugged country with modern power for the most part, but an occassional old ALCO can still be seen on the freights and in the Squamish yard as we watch a rare RS-18 at work. While the majority of the video covers diesel action, BC Rail also offers passenger service in the form of RDC's which are self-propelled rail cars. In addition to RDC cars we'll see the famous Royal Hudson train with 4-6-4 #2860, and a special appearance of 2-8-0 #3716 on a freight train. There is lot of action here, including pushers up Birken Hill cut into the middle of the train, and pristine mountain lakes adding to the already magnificent mountain backdrops. All this with live audio, and no scenes are duplicated in the Scenic Trains of Canada video although some were shot during the same time. Nearly all of the video was shot during good weather as we range from the waters along Howe Sound north of Vancouver to Kelly Lake north of the Fraser Canyon near Lilloet. At Pavillion, we see a freight on the huge horseshoe curve, and watch another train cross the Fraser River. There is some fine railroading to enjoy in Scenic Trains of BC Rail. Take a lineside journey to Western Canada to enjoy a great variety of trains and fabulous scenery. This video comprises scenes with freight trains and passenger trains on Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, and the British Columbia Railway. In addition to mainline diesel action, there is also plenty of steam to enjoy with Royal Hudson 4-6-4 number 2860 and 2-8-0 number 3716 on the British Columbia Railway, plus 2-6-2 number 1077 at Ft. Steele, and a rare 2 foot gauge authentic woodburning steam engine at Prince George. This video features a fine selection of music which is muted at certain times to allow you to hear the train when it passes where appropriate. We'll take you to scenic areas like Kicking Horse Pass where we see the famous Spiral Tunnels, and a detour train of the famous Canadian on this transcontinental journey. There is a great variety of freight train action on Canadian Pacific, and on Canadian National near Jasper, Alberta. Also in the Jasper area we will see VIA Rail passenger trains, and the Rocky Mountaineer tour train. On BC Rail you will enjoy RDC passenger trains, freight trains, and steam passenger and freight operations. This video has something from everyone, and the fabulous Canadian Scenery is unsurpassed. Greg Scholl Video Productions