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One thousand free copies of the Guinness World Records were first published in August 1954, under the original name of The Guinness Book of Records. Compiled and edited by Norris and Ross McWhirter (owners of a London fact checking agency) who were hired by Sir Hugh Beaver, the then managing director of the Guinness Brewery.

As a kid I had a huge fascination with the exotic places and people listed in the Guinness Book of Records, but being a non-athlete, I never imagined ever actually getting a world record myself. Years later, as a teenager, I became interested in Eastern spirituality and began studying meditation with . Suddenly, I was filled with an inner joy and a seemingly inexhaustible energy. Sri Chinmoy also taught me about his philosophy of self-transcendence, that when you have access to the divine power we all have within us, nothing is impossible. In 1979 I set my first record by doing 27,000 jumping jacks, and it was such a thrill that I immediately began training for the next record and I haven’t stopped since!

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There was no annually published Guinness Book of Records to keep track, but the ancient Greeks and Romans were crazy about setting and breaking records. Now two Swedish archaeologists have compiled a selection.

The Guinness Book of Records acknowledged the achievement of Sharjah cricket stadium for hosting the most number of one-day matches during the Pakistan and Sri Lanka encounter on Sunday.