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is an 8-week, interactive guitar soloing masterclass taught by Steve Stine, Professor of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University.

Most guitar players have often overlooked the importance of great singing concepts and guitar solo concepts that make a guitarist's solo truly stand out. I have always adored solos in such songs like 'Sweet Child O’ Mine', 'To Be With You', 'Lydian Speaks', 'For The Love Of God', and 'Always With Me Always With You'. These solos all use different techniques and unique ways to create their solos, however after studying 'How to Write Great Guitar Solos Master Class' with Mr. Hess I have come to understand that all of those great guitarists have re-occurring fundamental concepts
that hold true in each of the solos. Mr. Hess helps the student to understand these fundamental concepts in this master class, concepts such as dynamics, vibrato, vocal pitches, pitch range, and much more.

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