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Hermine Granger und Viktor Krum beim Weihnachtsball.

Kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen, wo man so eine oder eine ähnliche Jacke kriegen kann, wie Hermine Granger sie in Harry Potter und die Heligtümer des Todes trägt (siehe Bild)? Am besten gebt ihr mir einfach den Link! Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus an alle die mir eine hilfreiche ANtwort geben:)!

Day 7: favorite female character and why: Hermione Granger, because let's be honest, Harry and Ron wouldn't have survived without her. It was because of her that they found all the Hallows, and that they saved Buckbeak and Sirius. She's a great friend to Harry, and is perfect for Ron. | | | AlexPotter: I agree with everything you said there, and it was heart warming. Well, except for Ron being perfect for her.

is a photograph by Granger which was uploaded on January 24th, 2012.

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  • is a photograph by Granger which was uploaded on January 24th, 2012.

    Nor do I, unless it's the Moore of TMWGG--a cold, cruel S.O.B. Hugh Grant would have turned in the true Moonraker-era Moore parody. (Something that I wouldn't have minded seeing, by the way, at least for one or two movies. Grant had some interesting ideas about how to play Bond.) Everett played Holmes pretty coldly and without much if any camp.

    HARRY POTTER 30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 07-- your favorite female character and why: honestly, I'm sure everyone says her, but Hermione Jean Granger is the best girl character ever written. EVER. she's loyal, honest, smart, beautiful, trustworthy, motherly, hardworking, brave, loving, and even a little girly. She is the best friend anyone could ever have and she has been my role model since age 10