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20 Of Hank Williams' Greatest Hits

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This is Henry Thomas as Hank Williams in The Last Ride:

Hank Williams is considered by many to be the father of contemporary country music. Within an amazingly short recording career, between 1947 and 1953, he had thirty-seven Top Ten hits. In less than four years, between March of 1949 and his death in 1953, his songs spent an astounding eighty-two weeks at Number One on the charts. At a time when Elvis Presley was a still just a schoolboy, Hank Williams was gyrating suggestively onstage; flashing flirtatious eyes at every woman in the room.

Lonnie Williams worked as a strawberry farmer and a log trimmer; whereas Lilly Williams worked as a seamstress and nurse, while serving as organist for the local Baptist church. Years later, Hank Williams recalled that his very first memory was of watching his mother play the organ. When Hiram was six years old, Lonnie was taken to a veteran’s hospital in Louisiana with a diagnosis of dementia. This left Lilly to raise Hiram and his sister Irene on the twenty-five cents a day she was earning at the time. After the family home in Mount Olive burned down, Lilly moved the family to Georgiana, Alabama, about fifty miles south of Montgomery.

Henry Thomas as Hank Williams in The Last Ride

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  • This is Henry Thomas as Hank Williams in The Last Ride:

    From Tee Tot, Hiram learned how to play the guitar and sing the blues- which would one day provide a strong foundation for his songwriting. In interviews twenty-five years later, Hank Williams acknowledged Rufus Payne’s instruction as an early influence in his life. Eventually the pair began performing together around Georgiana and Greenville, fifteen miles north, for house parties, dances and other functions.

    Country music star Hank Williams, Jr. has once again begun a relationship with his estranged wife in the run up to their 21st wedding anniversary. The singer, who is the 62-years-old son of the late...