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Have a Little Faith: A True Story


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The theme of Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom is how faith and love can make us better people. Have A Little Faith is a nonfiction book, focused on the author's encounters with two spiritual...

Book Talk No.1 In the novel HAVE A LITTLE FAITH by Mitch Albom, the autobiography takes place in two different congregations. Albert Lewis is an eccentric, wise, and good-humored pastor of the Temple of Beth Shalom. Mitch has always run away from God, but when asked by Pastor Lewis to write his eulogy, he gets to be a part of his life for eight years. Through the journey he meets Henry Covington, an ex-convict, who stole, robbed, and was sent to jail for seven years. He’s the pastor of I Am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry. Henry’s ministry is faced with a 10 foot hole in the ceiling, immense debts to pay, and no heat to warm the homeless. The two congregations are united by one person, Mitch Albom, who learns to give and not expect getting. In this heartwarming novel about faith, hope, and God, many lives are changed by the power of two people. Synopsis: Mitch Albom- he is the protagonist of the story and is a dynamic character; At

Have A Little Faith By Mitch Albom

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Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom is a moving, true story about how the author rediscovers faith by learning about and meeting two special people: the wise, high-spirited Albert Lewis, his childhood rabbi and later friend, and Henry Covington, the selfless miracle worker who turned to God in his time of need. The main purpose of this non-fiction novel was to give readers an insight to how influential faith is, not to convert readers to a certain religion. I liked the way the author described the characters - it helped increase the impact of the moving events. I also liked how he split the book into seasons because it helped the reader put together the events in chronological order. I disliked the authors writing style though - the author's dialogue isn't in quotes, and the events have gaps in between and don't flow successfully from one to the next. The public should read Have a Little Faith because it will make you think about your own personal faith, your charity to the community, and life in general. It will change your point of view on topics like family, poverty, and death. Another non-fiction book I recommend is Two Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

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