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Hawksong: The Kiesha'ra: Volume One (The Keisha'ra)


Hawksong by, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is an amazing book.

This music video is dedicated to the book, "Hawksong", by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. I chose Taylor Swift as Danica Shardae, since she's about the same age, and mainly Garrett Hedlund as Zane Cobriana, though it could be either Kevin Zegers or Justin Gaston at times, judging from the way the clips are represented. Justin Gaston may also represent Vasili in the beginning. Orlando Bloom portrays the character Andreios, and Connie Nielsen is Nacola Shardae.

The different scenes in the video represent the events that happened in the book, although they aren't necessarily in order. In the beginning, it shows how Zane Cobriana first came across Danica Shardae when they were only in their teens, the day her alistair died. It then moves onto Danica looking out over the balcony, having just got back from the Mistari, and thinking about their abrupt departure with regret.
She then has a dream of Vasili(temporarily portrayed by Justin Gaston), in which she reminisces her closeness with him, the dance being symbolical. She is then woken up by Zane Cobriana, who invites her back to his palace. On the day she found it wasn't just a dream, she flies over to the serpiente palace at nighttime, where she is assaulted by Zane's guards. When Zane appears, Adelina(Brooke D'Orsay) proceeds to kiss him, but Zane catches sight of the way Danica is mistreated and becomes furious with Adelina, walking past her to help Danica.

Danica and Zane then agree to take up the Mistari's proposal, and Zane offers her a ring. After the coronation ceremony of the Tuuli Thea, Danica rushes back to the palace for Zane to officially announce her as his Naga, leaving Nacola Shardae and Andreios confused and suspicious with her decision to delay the announcement of her new alistair. As expected, Adelina is outraged by the public display of affection, whereas the rest finds it touching.
After spending the night at the serpiente palace, Andreios arrives and finds out about her engagement to Zane. From then on, the scenes are a bit jumbled up.

The following scenes entail Danica getting shot by the assassin's arrow, Zane and Nacola's argument, Adelina misinterpreting the awkwardness between Andreios and Danica, as well as the scene in which Danica catches Zane crying after the death of his mother and thus, finally opens up to him , ending with Danica and Zane falling asleep together.

Music: 'Kiss the rain' by Yiruma

I read this book when it was in a very early form and despite only liking MidPred of Atwater-Rhodes' published books, I have to say that this one is utterly amazing. A book worthy of the praise "mature and polished," Hawksong deals with much more mature problems, the characters are stronger without having to be hunters or gothic bad-girls. The lush atmosphere, rich in a mythology created by this 18 year old author, and the twists of this some-times romantic novel will win over even the harshest of Atwater-Rhodes' critics.

The sequel to Hawksong is , which was released in 2004.

Title: Hawksong
Author(s): Amelia Atwood-Rhodes
ISBN: 1-4193-1621-4 / 978-1-4193-1621-0 (USA edition)
Publisher: Recorded books
Availability: Amazon   

Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

All of Atwater-Rhodes's books are about vampires or shape-shifters. Though as a small child she had loved Dr. Seuss, Rudyard Kipling's "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi," and Margaret Wise Brown's "Goodnight Moon," she later was drawn to such writers as Stephen King. While her plots have blood and combat, and are set in a kind of dream world, the characters think and sound like contemporary young Americans. One of the vampires starts out as a teenager in Concord. They are half-hawk, -snake, -lion, or -wolf, yet essentially human. The protagonists are decent, or at least try to be. In "Hawksong," the queen of a human/hawk kingdom and the king of a human/snake kingdom try to end an ancient war between their kinds with a political marriage.

It may help to go back and review this series before embarking on the exciting conclusion, as all the players return to meet their fate. In HAWKSONG, readers are introduced to Danica Shardae, the hawk shapeshifter, and Zane Cobriana, the cobra shapeshifter. Both want to end the war in their worlds and agree to marry despite overwhelming opposition. They tentatively get to know each other in SNAKECHARM, try to calm their followers after their marriage and decide to build a third kingdom, Wyvern Court, to attain peace. In FALCONDANCE, the story of Nicias --- the Prince Falcoln exiled from his home who develops a fierce loyalty to Wyvern --- is explored. WOLFCRY follows Princess Oliza, daughter of Danica and Zane, who cannot choose a mate without starting a war.