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Joe Moreno will involve the group in daily morning presentations including the world traditions of music and healing, an introduction to specific Balinese healing traditions, and in-depth experiential work in imagery, psychodrama, art therapy, dance therapy, music improvisation as a projective technique in individual and group psychotherapy, and more. In each instance the group`s experiential work will be studied in direct comparison to the living and comparable Balinese practices that will be included in the weeks schedule. A special guest list of Balinese experts will be assembled for in-depth discussions depending on the interests of the workshop participants.

Migration, mass media and telecommunication have exposed everyone to diverse healing traditions that promise effective or integrated treatment of conditions that remain poorly understood or managed in biomedical care. In urban centres, people from many different backgrounds make active use of the wide variety of healing traditions available. Complementary and traditional systems of healing are widely used in the general population, although specific forms may be more or less popular among particular ethnocultural groups. This is a function of dissatisfaction with contemporary biomedicine as much as it is confidence in any alternative system. The understanding of illness and healing within biomedicine tends to be narrowly conceived in terms of physiological processes and does not always attend to powerful psychological, social, moral and political dimensions of medical interventions. These wider dimensions have demonstrable physiological effects as well as involving psychological and social processes, which are important in their own right for individual well-being and recovery from illness.

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Healing is well-organized, which is a prerequisite for any reference book. He begins where every holistic healer using traditional Chinese medicine would begin: covering Qi vitality and the binary of yin and yang, which he then expands on to cover hot/cold temperaments; interior/exterior physical conditions; and diagnosing for excess versus deficiency.

In this chapter, I consider a general framework for healing that includes both the physiological processes central to biomedical theory and practice and the symbolic aspects of healing that have physiological, psychological and social effects. This model allows us to consider the place of diverse healing practices in contemporary medicine. Clinicians need some understanding of these healing practices in order to consider their implications for biomedical treatment. Some practices directly challenge the assumptions of biomedicine; others may conflict with prescribed treatments. At the same time, healing traditions offer important resources for patients. Practitioners able to work in concert with these complementary medical systems and sources of healing will be better able to serve their patients.