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On April 30, 2014, Disney announced a follow-up game, to , , at Arc-Light Cinerama Done, in , for release on the , , , , , , and in Q4 2014, featuring characters from the . The announcement was also broadcast live online through a . The unveiling included appearances by , who appears as in , and , who appears as in and many films in the . Jackson was in-character as Fury, in a video where he discusses "Project Infinity."

Aladdin and a small army of resistance fighters arrived in Agrabah and prepared to lay siege to the palace. Summoning the Genie, Jafar commanded him to lift the building onto a mountain, making it easier to defend. While the heroes were distracted, Madame Mim came out to meet them. Rajah made to attack her, but Mim simply transformed the tiger into a harmless kitten. Razoul and his guardsmen charged in, eager to avenge their unwilling servitude to Mim, but the witch summoned a broomstick and took flight, leaving the guards to crash into each other. As she flew around the battlefield, Dumbo flew after her, with the two circling each other, trying to get the upper hand. Finally, the Beast swatted Mim out of the air, knocking her into a lake. Just as it seemed she had been beaten, Mim emerged from the water, transformed into a colossal dragon. Using her fire-breath, Mim kept the heroes back and managed to wound several of them. Seizing a rocket, Mulan used Mushu to light the fuse and launched it at Mim, finally knocking her out. As the heroes scaled the cliff to attack the palace, Jafar tried to bar the gates, but the Chinese soldiers used a battering ram to break them in, smashing Jafar behind them. The heroes stormed the palace, only for Jafar to emerge and use his second wish to command the Genie to attack. Though the laws of the lamp prevented him from killing anyone, the Genie had no choice but to summon an army of monsters to attack the heroes for him. Shang and Quasimodo engaged the ogre-like , with Quasimodo managing to knock it off the cliff. Yao slew with another rocket launcher, while Razoul killed with his sword. Meanwhile, the Beast took out , also summoned by Jafar. The heroes worked together to bring down a fearsome , with Bernard and Bianca baiting it into incinerating its heads with its own flames. Gradually, the heroes managed to fight through the other monsters, destroying them and allowing them to turn their attention to Jafar. Mulan seemed to destroy the sorcerer with a rocket launcher, but he emerged from the rubble unharmed and started beating the heroes back with his magic. Before the battle could be decided, however, the arrived, having been sent by Maleficent to aid Jafar. Jafar prepared to depart with the Genie; Aladdin tried to stop him, but the Titan tossed a boulder at Aladdin, knocking him from the Flying Carpet. Mulan also tried to attack, but Iago beat her back, allowing Jafar to escape. The Titan began tearing the palace apart, but Belle managed to open up an escape route. The League of Gentlemice freed the Sultan from Jafar's dungeon, allowing the monarch to escape with the heroes before the Titan leveled the building.

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Jasmine, the Chinese soldiers, and Pooh's group returned to the resistance, but they were met with grim news. They discovered what had happened to Hercules and Aladdin, with the latter's fate being especially hard on Jasmine. In Paris, Lilo and Stitch stumbled across the Coachman's circus, where they discovered the children being held captive and awaiting their terrible fate. Lilo and Stitch were forced to flee when Sarousch entered the room, though they swore to return to free the prisoners.

On May 5, 2015, Disney announced a follow-up game through , , for release on , , , , , , and in 2015, featuring characters from the universe and other new Disney characters.