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In this special report, reporter Sayed Siawash Zimni looks at the history of football in Afghanistan from the time when it was first introduced in Afghanistan to this year’s first ever national league.

Sports that involve kicking the ball have been around throughout human history; they have been played in many countries and across many cultures. According to FIFA, the earliest known football form for which any scientific evidence has been found date back to around 2nd and 3rd centuries BC in China. A Chinese military manual describes a game called cuju which has strong likeness to the game of football. The modern rules and regulations of association football have been based on the efforts taken during the mid-19th century to standardize to highly disparate forms of football that were played at the various public schools of England. The English history of football roughly begins around the 8th century.

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American football is a very popular game in the US, also known as football in Canada. Football has some definite origins linked to Rugby football that was played during the 18th century in England. Football has a cousin in the name of soccer which also draws its origins from the game of rugby. However, soccer is the more stringent form of game, not allowing carrying of ball using hands and some other rules allowed in football like forward pass. Football is different in so much so that it retains the originality of rugby game and is the more sophisticated version of rugby football. Interestingly, the game of football is referred in Japan as "Amefuto".

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With the 2014 World Cup in full swing, the drama and tension of the knockout stages upon us, what better time than now to take a loving, celebratory and nostalgic look back at the history of the football video game?

A brief History of Football infographic (the most popular sport in the world?) throughout the centuries from its basic beginnings to the crazy media-driven presentations that it is today. Have a look after the infographic at Pok-ta-Pok – Mayan ball game video…