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Employers like to see a bachelor's degree when they're hiring for human resources positions. Sometimes, though, experience can be a plus when interviewing for human resources careers. If you've worked in or had school coursework in business, accounting and professional writing, that experience may get your foot in the door in an entry-level human resources position. Even if you're able to land a low-level human resources job this way, you should still plan on pursuing your degree as you'll have to put in several years on the job to gain the experience to move up the ladder.

Human services careers fit into two categories: social services and mental health services. Social services specialists help people improve their quality of life. Mental health specialists work directly with individuals who are trying to change behavior or achieve a better mental outlook. Whether someone is overcoming an addiction or healing after emotional trauma, a trained mental health specialist can provide the right guidance.

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The College of Human Sciences Career Services Office is dedicated to providing career development support to students, alumni, and academic programs in the College of Human Sciences. Career Services staff assists job seekers in all aspects of career development from researching careers, creating a , drafting personal statements for graduate and professional schools, , connecting with companies of interest, resources for identifying internships and careers, as well as negotiation skills. Our website provides information for , , , and .

The job of the international human resources professional may involve recruiting candidates into global positions, training and development standards across an international organization, implementing benefits plans as national laws allow, labor relations, employee programs and many more. This HR track involves the same kinds of tasks that a national human resources professional might engage in, but with a great variety of cultures, languages and locations thrown into the mix. International HR is an ideal field for people who love to travel, speak multiple languages and are adept at engaging successfully with a wide variety of different people who adhere to different customs. Boredom is not the operative term for this unique and exciting human resources career path.