"I am haunted by humans." ~Death

I am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead


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Bagans is a man who has literally found his way in life by exploring death and the lessons he’s learned, some the extremely hard way, while doing so. Spending so much time in the darkness can have a profound effect on a person, and with I Am Haunted, Living Life Through the Dead, Zak is not afraid to shed some light on that side of himself.

I Am Haunted takes a good hard look at what goes into the “Ghost Adventures” investigations, the tools which are needed, as well as the sensibilities behind dealing with the paranormal. It’s also a very personal account of celebrity and religion that asks way more questions than it does provide answers… questions that Bagans is actively seeking the answers to and the frustrations that grow out of never really knowing or finding what he’s looking for.

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This is a gift for fans, but whether you are one or not, there’s no denying that this book is a cover-to-cover page-turner that’s funny, frightening, and at times deeply touching. I Am Haunted is not to be missed.

In 2007 he penned his first book along with co-author Kelly Crigger, The book was a tell-all of sorts regarding how this craziness has translated into his life and then onto the screen. Now, years later, he and Crigger are back with I Am Haunted, Living Life Through the Dead, a very different book from a very different Zak Bagans.