When I Get A Little Money, I Buy Books

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I love buying books and have a few boxes of ones I've read and couldn't part with packed away up in my parent's attic. This weekend our library is having a huge summer book sale. I always find something good!

The only difference between our book collections is that I've not finished buying my bookshelves yet, so mine are just stacked up along side the existing bookshelves.

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  • Glad you agree! I feel like I keep bringing up the non-existence of public libraries but I couldn’t help it. Yes, I think we wouldn’t end up spending so much if we had libraries over here. But like I always say, I’m just thankful that I have a job and that I could buy the books that I want to read. I really believe that some books are perfect for a certain mood that you’re in, which is why it’s a good idea to collect a lot of them so you get to choose what to read next. That’s always a nice problem to have.🙂


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i'm obsessed with buying books. i have shelf upon shelf of "to-read" books. books that i planned to read until i saw something i wanted to read first at the store. it's sickening. also, every time my mother comes to visit me, she brings me about a dozen or so books that i want to read.

I obsessivly buy books too. I wanted to tell you (after reading your last post) that there is a good book about a man who buys a contract from an exclusive company that kills you and arranges to make it look like an accident after certain things have happened in your life.
They dont warn you or anything, you just sign an exhaustive In Case Of form and then dont worry about it again.
Of course something goes wrong...
If only I could remember the book it would be a much better comment. But at least it ties in with your last two posts.