1. I Can See Your House From Here

I Can See Your House From Here


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- Band members are 'Andy Ward (III)' (qv) (1971-1982), 'Colin Bass' (qv) (1979-), 'David Paton (I)' (qv) (1982-1983), 'Dave Stewart (VI)' (qv) (1997-1999), Denis Clement (2000-), 'Duncan Mackay' (qv) (1979-1981), 'Guy Leblanc' (qv) (2000-2002), Kit Watkins (1979-1983), 'Mae McKenna' (qv) (1991-1996), Mickey Simmonds (1992-1996), Richard Sinclair (1997-1978), 'Ton Scherpenzeel' (qv) (1984-), 'Foss Patterson' (qv), 'Andrew Latimer (I)' (qv) and 'Peter Bardens' (qv). Other musicians who have worked with the band are 'Anthony Phillips (III)' (qv) (song "End Peace"), 'David Bedford (I)' (qv) (orchestral), John Xepoleas (drummer in songs "Dust and Dreams" and "Harbour of Tears"), 'Phil Collins (I)' (qv) (percussion in album "I Can See Your House From Here") and 'Tom Brislin' (qv) (keyboard in 2003 Farewell Tour in USA).

By the time Camel released their 1979 album, I Can See Your House From Here, rock & roll had been changed by the emergence of punk rock, which resulted in less press coverage for progressive rock, as well as decreased record sales. Camel suffered from this shift in popular taste – I Can See Your House from Here received less attention than any of the band's releases since their debut. Latimer returned to writing concept albums with 1981's Nude. In 1982, drummer Andy Ward was forced to leave the band after suffering a severe hand injury. Camel's 1982 album, The Single Factor, was a slicker, more accessible affair than previous Camel records, but it failed to chart. Stationary Traveller (1984) was another concept album.

Honey I can see your house from here.

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  • I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE FROM HERE is not Camel's best album

    Second best CAMEL to listen in the daytimeAs I wrote before, I like prog rock so much that I listen to these music in the daytime andnight time, morning througfh mid-night. But, how many prog rock albums do you have thatyou can listen in the daytime ? "I Can See Your House From Here" of CA... ()

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