Action, humor, and real history collide in the Infinity Ring series!

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They go to Great Pyramid of Giza thousands of years in the past to discuss their next move. To find the first Break, or major change in time, they have to solve a riddle about "the Memory's Art". After Riq solves it, they go to on August 3, 1492. However, they meet a Time Warden of the SQ, and have to escape and find their contact, a named Gloria. They discuss the Break that they have to fix, and learn that has commissioned a . The group believes that they must help the Amancio brothers - Salvador and Raul - complete a mutiny against the cruel captain Christopher Columbus. Gloria helps them get on the , the ship that the mutiny is about to happen on, through the help of a one-eyed man named Eyeball. The kids have to work extremely hard while on the ship. Although they still believe that the mutiny must happen, they soon discover that Raul and Salvador are SQ. The kids meet "riffraff", or the lowest of the low, including Ricardo, Francisco, and Daniel. Eyeball hears them discuss the mutiny and puts them in the brig, to be killed next morning. However, Eyeball is actually on their side, due to his love for Gloria. The riffraff expose the Amancio brothers and battle them to prevent the mutiny. However, Raul throws Dak overboard. He soon learns that Salvador is dead and Raul was thrown overboard, too. Raul tries to drown Dak, and Sera uses the Infinity Ring to warp herself, Dak, and Riq to a warehouse, where they find a for Dak's parents. Meanwhile, Brint and Mari reflect on the SQ attack, and Brint wonders if his high school was always named after .

The next day, the four head to the caliph to convince him to surrender, or at least let them talk to Tusi about the House of Wisdom. However, when they talk to him, he refuses to save the House and raises suspicions that he is SQ. Dak, Riq, and Sera head to the Mongol war camp instead to try to talk to Hulagu. However, Riq and Dak are captured, and Sera still cannot convince Tusi to save the writings. Riq and Dak are taken to General , the Divine Man, who is SQ. The grand vizier and Market Inspector are also SQ. When Kan leaves, Riq and Dak escape, and reunite with Sera. They use a boat to travel up the Tigris River and into Baghdad. However, they are promptly arrested, and discover that Abi was also arrested. The group escapes from prison by using one of Dak’s ideas. Riq and Abi go to get the Infinity Ring back from the grand vizier, while Dak and Sera try to prevent Baghdad’s libraries from falling. The animals in the caliph’s menagerie have fled, and Riq and Abi struggle to escape a black bear. Riq dislocates his shoulder in the escape, and almost blacks out from the pain. However, Abi helps him. Next, they see an enormous tiger, and set a trap for the vizier. This results in the vizier hanging on to a tapestry with a tiger below him. After the vizier hands over the Ring, and the pair saves him, he tries to steal it again. However, this time he is eaten alive by the tiger when he falls. Meanwhile, Sera tells Dak about seeing the Cataclysm. After they meet Farid, who had been visited by Dak’s parents, the group rests up and waits for the siege of Baghdad to end.

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