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Detective Montalbano: Episodes 1-3


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The lady accompanying us is Isabell Sollman. This beautiful Swedish lady is playing a major role in a lot of episodes of my favorite Italian series: Il commissario Montalbano or in English: Inspector Montalbano. This series is based on the books by Andrea Camelleri. Given the success of the novels Rai commissioned a television series in co-operation with Sweden's Sveriges Television (thus giving us Isabell Sollman) of most of the novels and short stories. Each episode closely follows the plot of the novels, in some cases joining several short stories. The series started in 1999 and is still running. When I discovered it in 2006, I wondered why there were such gaps in filming, but then realised that, as they were following the books, they had to wait until new books were written. You seldom see that a quality series is halted for that reason.

In these four new gripping cases, Inspector Montalbano must face challenges from all of the above and more. While out swimming he finds himself face to face with a floating corpse which will lead him into a dark world of kidnapped children; someone is starting a mob war between the Sinagras and Cuffaros; a young girl’s kidnapping and the money involved raises Montalbano’s suspicions; and the death of an old miser brings to light a long dead romance.

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Salvo Montalbano
Salvo Montalbano character
Actor Luca Zingaretti plays Inspector Salvo Montalbano in the TV adaptation
First appearance The Shape of Water (La forma dell’acqua)
Created by Andrea Camilleri (Author)
Stephen Sartarelli (English translator)
Portrayed by Luca Zingaretti (Il commissario Montalbano (Inspector Montalbano))
Michele Riondino (Il giovane Montalbano (The Young Montalbano))
Gender Male
Occupation Police detective
Nationality Italian

Luca Zingaretti Inspector Montalbano

Whether watched individually or as a collection, the detective stories of Andrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano, as brought to life by Luca Zingaretti in the role of the Inspector, are as rich, evocative, varied and exciting as any in literature.

For Inspector Montalbano life is never easy, except perhaps when he can grab a private lunch at his favourite restaurant or relax in his own place with a little home-cooking. But these opportunities don’t come very often, not when the Inspector is grappling with politics, mafioso, unreliable witnesses and unreliable cops. Yet even his most unreliable cop is led astray not by the scent of money but the scent of a woman.