Installing a Nitrous Oxide System (NOS)

How To Install An NOS Nitrous Oxide Plate System - YouTube

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NOS demonstrates how to install a plate nitrous oxide system

As a Nitrous N00b, These are the most important points I found while learning about installing Nitrous Oxide in my Mustang GT taken right from the ZEX Manual.

With the right knowledge, anyone can install a Nitrous Oxide system for their engine. Nitrous makes more oxygen available for the engine and more oxygen will burn more fuel, which results in more power.

NOS 02001 Nitrous System Installation Instructions - JEGS

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Nitrous Oxide Instructions for kits & wiring

Here you will find links to all of our nitrous oxide kit related instructions and diagrams. Learn how to install your Nitrous kit, Bottle Heater, Purge kit etc. You will also find wiring diagrams. coming soon, we will have awesome step by step color photo install instructions outlining almost every single step from taking your kit out of the box to putting on the finishing touches with easy to understand pictures. Our goal is to making installing your nitrous oxide kit easy and fun!!

Nitrous oxide, and its relationship to engine performance, is probably the single most misunderstood component of today's automotive aftermarket. The myths and misinformation surrounding this gaseous substance could easily supply plot lines for an entire season of "C.S.I. Miami." Rather than getting caught up in all the hype, we'll begin by taking a simple, straightforward look at how nitrous oxide increases horsepower in an internal combustion engine. Then we'll talk about different methods of installing nitrous oxide on a vehicle; finally we'll address, and dispel, some of the rumors relating to this oft-maligned gas.