Finch – Falling Into Place (2001)

Falling Into Place: A Memoir of Overcoming


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California-based reggae/rock group has announced the release of their highly anticipated fifth studio album. Titled “Falling Into Place”, the collection is out on June 3rd as a joint venture between their 87 Music label and NYC-based . A dozen years into the group’s stirring career with over 450,000 albums sold independently, the release of this new album finds the group more energized than ever. Frontman, states

“We named the album Falling Into Place because all of our varied inspirations and experiences came together into one cohesive collection of music that we all really love.”

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    Following a special performance at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater on June 3rd, Rebelution’s Falling Into Place” Summer Tour officially kicks off in New York on June 7th, continuing through August nationwide. The band will be joined by their friends The Green + J Boog, Stick Figure, Through The Roots and DJ Mackle on most dates. They can also be seen at many U.S. festivals this spring/summer including: California Roots, Oysterfest and Levitate Music Festival in Massachusetts.

    While in a party, Bruno Baskerville Walsh is having an acid trip with Cindy, and he decides to fly off the top of the building, smashing on a parked car. David is very edgy and Claire is upset with the absence of Nate in Ruth's ceremony. Ruth and George have sex too loud disturbing everybody in the house. Nate goes to Brenda's place completely drunken and has sex with her. He comes home and tells his family that Lisa drowned. Dave drives with Nate to bring Lisa's corpse. Joe visits the disturbed Brenda, and Vanessa asks Angelica to leave her house. David questions if he is back together with Keith. Claire tells Russell about her abortion. Rico goes to a distant church to confess that he had oral sex with a stripper of the Seventh Veil Stripper Club. Nate and Lisa's parent have a serious altercation whether Lisa will be cremated, or will be buried directly on the ground without casket as per her wish. Nate deceives Lisa's parents and fulfills her last wish.

    "Falling into Place" is a great conclusion of the last episode of the Third Season. Nate is absolutely disturbed with the death of Lisa, inclusive hurting people. The situation of Rico is funny, confessing to an unknown priest his sin to feel absolved. Let's see the fate of the characters in this fourth season. My vote is nine.

    Title (Brazil): "Desfecho" ("Outcome")