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Isaiah Decoded Ascending the Ladder to Heaven by Avraham Gileadi

In Isaiah Decoded, Gileadi identifies seven levels (or categories) as rungs on a ladder ascending toward God, who sits at the top. Each of the levels or rungs represents a set of spiritual characteristics, and the idea is that people ascend or descend as they attain these characteristics and gain either salvation or damnation. So true salvation, and ultimately exaltation, results when people repent of their sins, perfect themselves, and ascend to heaven, or the reverse: continue in their sins and rebellion and descend toward hell. Gileadi's levels are as follows:

Whenever I hear people praise Gileadi, they gush about his Hebrew scholarship and literary discoveries, but I found zero evidence of that in the book. Maybe his other books are more detailed, but the few hints he gives in Isaiah Decoded, including his supposed patterns in Isaiah, clearly seem like a random, arbitrary jumble–there’s no reason or order to it at all.

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Review of Avraham Gileadi. Isaiah Decoded: Ascending the Ladder to Heaven. Escondido, CA: Hebraeus, 2002. xviii + 365 pp. $26.95.

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Read The Literary Message of Isaiah and learn to UNDERSTAND what the scriptures are saying to our generation. Isaiah Decoded is a FOLLOW UP to that and is written to the lay member who is NOT a scholar.