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It Happened to Nancy: By an Anonymous Teenager, A True Story from Her Diary


It Happened to Nancy was insightful

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Another gripping diary edited by Beatrice Sparks, "It happened to Nancy," is about a 14-year-old girl and her seemingly normal life, until she meets the 18-year-old "Colin" at a concert. Colin seems to be the prince charming of today; He gives her roses, saves her when she has an asthma attack, and they have a charming phone relationship, when Nancy’s mother is asleep. Indeed, her mother does not truly know of Colin. Nancy’s dreams of Colin twist into nightmares when it comes into realization what a conniving, evil person he is.

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It Happened to Nancy
Anonymous,Beatrice Sparks
No preview available - 1994

It Happened to Nancy by Beatrice Sparks - AbeBooks

Nancy's rape happened in only a matter of minutes. I feel as though it shows how life really can be, unlike many other books that tend to be a bit over dramatic. I guess you can say that this book has its own unique approach on the reader. "It Happened to Nancy" is worth anyone's time especially with the valuable lessons learned about safe sex that most teens are puzzled about. All parents and teens should have an opportunity to read this novel to know some things that others don't. Also parents should be able to see a teenager's perspective on life and teens will be able to see what life really is. If parents find out what can happen to their child it will prevent teens to do the same because just like it happened to Nancy it can happen to you. Victoria Borges Block 2- B2 English I Honors

It teaches all teen's world wide that this can happen to anyone, and the dangerous facts of AIDS. It teaches us that once you have a situation like this happen to you, tell someone immediately. Throughout the whole book Nancy mentions about how she wishes to be a child again, cradled in her mothers arms. Once she confesses to her mother and friends she feels as though a huge weight is lifted of her shoulders. I personally do agree with the author that once a like this situation happens to you to contact someone because it can get worse, and just like it happened to Nancy, it can happen to you. "It happened to Nancy" is a touching story like no other. The emotion and vivid detail make you become one with the book and experience the dramatic events the same way the Nancy did.