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Why the Truth Is the Most Powerful Closing Strategy for Your Sales

Marketing and sales research in general do not provide a widely accepted definition for sales strategy, as noted by Panagopoulos and Avlonitis, who have studied the antecedents of the concept. They define sales strategy as follows:

Businesses employ one of two basic types of sales strategies to their overall plan: direct or indirect. With the direct sales strategy, sales people attack the competition head on when talking to the customer. They talk about each feature of the competition’s product and compare it to theirs. The term "negative selling" refers to the direct sales approach. Indirect sales approaches apply more subtle techniques by demonstrating features and benefits not available with the competition’s products or services without ever mentioning them by name. This more sophisticated, positive sales strategy requires research and analysis of the competition.


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    Finally, conduct review meetings after reaching key sales milestones. Talk about about everything associated with the sales strategy. This may be one of the most important steps in the process, because it allows you to document the successes, failures, and required changes, which will help your next sales strategy be even better.

    Most of the sales guys that I meet say that sales is a matter of luck. I do not fully agree with them, but, yes, if you understand probability, you may relate my findings with luck. It's all about numbers: what you pump into the sales funnel is directly related to what pumps out. All you need is to look closely at the numbers and correlate it with your sales strategy.