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Using JDO with Application Servers

The North American Unilever-owned brand wanted to “re-energise” its packaging to feel more premium and modern, and tasked JDO Brand & Design with redesigning the range. The brief was to communicate Dove Style+Care’s styling attributes as well its caring for hair qualities.

JDO is a topic that everyone has opinions on. It will be great to see more implementations of the spec, and to see the technology mature. It has the potential to be used all over the enterprise, along with tools, to really help developers as they work with data.

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Dove partners with JDO for worldwide haircare launch | The Drum

Leandro Barreto, senior global brand development director Dove Hair, commented, “The upgraded Style+Care range needed to sit comfortably among the rest of the Dove family but move forward in terms of styling. JDO has created a sophisticated and exciting range design which we hope will encourage consumers to add Dove Style + Care to their repertoire of haircare products.”

JDO is also causing waves in the EJB forums. As soon as JDO came on the scene, a bunch of people were touting it as "what Entity beans should have been." Entity beans have always had a bad rap (maybe rightfully so), and many people thought it was obvious that Sun should scrap them as they are now and couple them with JDO. This never happened, and EJB 2.0 was released, supporting relationships, EJB-QL, and local interfaces. Rumors abound that Sun and the EJB group (BEA, IBM, Borland, Oracle, etc.) had spent a lot of money on Entity beans, and didn't want to scrap them, thinking that it would be "bad marketing" to come out and say "OK, Entity beans are not good." A lot of EJB developers are ignoring CMP Entity beans, and plugging the O/R mapping into BMP Entity beans. Where people were using JDBC at this layer "for performance," they are now jumping to JDO.